Next up: PAX Prime 2015 – Booth 3003!

We just finished up at RTX 2015 in Austin and now it’s time to prepare for PAX Prime in Seattle! Bring it on! For the full Behemoth experience come visit us from August 28th-31st at Booth 3003 and all the other surrounding areas that we’ve claimed for our realm! We are behemoth huge this year! Prepare to have your mind melted!!!



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PAX East 2015 – Day 2 Recap

Saturday proved to be the most chaotic day at PAX East 2015, but at least it was organized chaos! We’re going to have even more events today for those lucky Day 3 attendees: New Events Added for Day 3.

Our line for the Game 4 arcade demo stretched against the wall on Saturday. With an estimated time of 3 hours at one point and having so many people play our game demo, it was a pretty surreal experience for us. Thank you to all the attendees for their patience and for trying out our 30 minute demo! Don’t forget that you can come back to explore the extended version of the demo.

In the early afternoon, Tom Fulp joined the No Indie is an Island panel in Cuttlefish Theater. He discussed how he and Dan Paladin first got together to start created Flash games on Newgrounds, way before they formed the Behemoth with John Baez. Dan originally reached out to Tom just via email and simply asked if he wanted to work together! Hopefully you got to catch the panel and the little tidbits of info that Tom shared!

Tom and Will had another autograph signing on Saturday to meet and greet with fans. This was originally scheduled as the last meet and greet, but we’ve just added another session from 2-4PM on Sunday (Day 3)!
Check out the rest of our Day 2 photos HERE and be sure to stop by the booth on this last day to say hello (or goodbye? [Sad face]). Booth fifty-twenty!