Pax East 2019 Recap

Another PAX has come and gone. We spent 4 wonderful days in Boston showing off our latest games, selling some new merchandise, raffling off custom painted Joy-Cons, and most importantly just getting a chance to meet everyone and talk about video games.

Below is an assortment of pictures from our adventures during the show. Thank you to everyone for stopping by the booth, you provide us with life energy that we use to create more games. Thank you for your life energies!

Lastly, none of this would be possible without the hard work from everyone below. It takes us 3 days to setup our booth, and then another 8-10 hours to tear it all down. We use 2.7 bottles of hand sanitizer each day, shake or fist bump about 100 hands daily, and most importantly we had to sacrifice our sanity by being next to the Mixer booth which played nothing but the most annoying Fortnite sounds you could imagine non stop everyday.

Thanks PAX Boston. See you next year!

Everything new at this year’s PAX East Giftshop!

You can come visit our Gift Shop at PAX East (Booth 14005) for the full list of items we’ll have this year at the booth, but for now, here are some cool things coming to PAX East for the first time ever:

Pax East 2019 Exclusive shirt (AKA PAX ‘n’ Love)

Love. It’s everywhere and it can not be stopped.
We don’t know how it got into the air. It might already be in the water.
Make sure love knows you’re on its side with this powerful PAX exclusive tee.
Stay safe and sanitize those hands.

Necromancer Rock n’ Bones shirt

Gotta raise skeletons to make skeletons. Out of your enemies I mean. Necromancy sure does seem like a lot of work, but have you considered that it also rules.

Now you can cover your skeleton (and skin, muscles, etc.) with the ultimate skeleton enthusiast, Castle Crasher’s number one boney boi, The Necromancer!

Y thou shirt

Oh… thou knowst.
Thou knowst.

Pink Knight Foot Socks

🎵 Why are there so many
Socks without rainbows
And why aren’t your feet inside?
Socks should have rainbows
They make your feet happy
And rainbows are always in style
So we’ve been told and we choose to
Believe it
And I think you’ll happily see
That Pink Knight themed foot socks
Our rainbow wrapped foot socks
Are comfy, are cozy… for a fee.
(deep breath)


Castle Crashers 10 Year Anniversary Tee (limited sizes while supplies last)

Wow… ten years… they sure look great together. Imagine if we’d made you wait that long to get a shirt with all four knights on it. Wait, really? This is the first time??

Uh, happy anniversary!

Behemoth 15 Year Annivesary Tee (limited sizes while supplies last)

The last 15 years have been full of fun and great memories for The Behemoth, whether we’ve been playing our games or making them. We hope you’ve liked them, too.

Now you can cover your birthday suit with this calendar of birthdays showing how the whole gang got here.

HATS! The Papa Chicken Hat, The Team hat, and the Necromancer Hat!

There are many things you can put on your head. Maybe too many.

But we still think you might enjoy these things.

Behemoth Feather Socks – AKA Feet of a Feather

15 Year Anniversary Canvast Tote Bag (while supplies last)

Aw, the whole family is here, too <3

This sturdy canvas tote tracks each game we’ve hatched, helping you get where you’re going while remembering where we’ve been! 

Troll Baggu

This Troll Baggu means business, and anyone coveting the nice things you put inside of it will definitely know that too.

Nobody messes with Troll Baggu.

Castle Crashers Lanyards (in our Chonku Chonku Machines)

A Behemoth Transatlantic Tour! (PAX East✈EGX Rezzed)

Hey, it’s been awhile! We should hang out.

I mean, no pressure or anything, but we did get a booth at PAX East just so that we could catch up; it has a real address and everything (booth #14005)! We’re going to fill it with all this new stuff we think you’re gonna like, from new hats to new socks (woo socks!) and a new PAX exclusive shirt: I’m told wearing it is an expression of true love, not just for this shirt but also for this PAX.


And of course, you should also make sure to visit the Behemoth Arcade, the one place at the con where you can meet up with your OTHER friends and play all of our games on full-sized arcade cabinets!

  • Pit People Single Player Story Demo + Extended Play
  • Pit People Co-op Story and VS
  • Alien Hominid HD 2P
  • Back Off Barbarian 3P
  • BattleBlock Theater 2P

But what if you’re one of those weird people who likes to play games in your living room? Or on the bus? Or anywhere that isn’t our booth?

Well, weirdo, we thought of you too: come to our booth and you’ll get to try out two entirely new ways to play one of our classic games: Castle Crashers Remastered on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch!


Castle Crashers Remastered (or CCR to his friends) has all kinds of improvements to keep him F R E S H for years to come, such as the new “Back Off Barbarian” mode, visual updates and improved online multiplayer. AND, for those of you with that hungry look in your eyes after seeing that CCR-riffic Joy-Con rainbow up there, we’re also raffling off 1 set of 4 Colorware Joy-Cons daily!

PAX East Joy-Con Raffle Info

We’re giving away one Joy-Con of each color at the end of every day from Thursday to Saturday. To get a raffle ticket, just swing by the booth and play a round of Castle Crashers Remastered on any of the new Switch stations. The daily winning # will be picked at random at 4:30 each day and will be posted on our Twitter and Instagram for easy confirmation. The daily winner will have until 6pm to pick up their prize. Limit one ticket per attendee per day.

Huh? What’s that you say? You’d like to say “hi” and try CCR on the Switch, but you’re living on a different continent on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean? Well, it’s a good thing you told us, because now we’re ALSO going to EGX Rezzed in London! Uh, surprise! We’ll make sure to bring a Switch and some Pit People for us to play together.

Wow… I guess that means by next year you won’t have to come to our booth to play Castle Crashers at a con anymore! You’ll just grab a bean bag and play wherever! What kind of crazy, beautiful future is this?!

…um, promise you’ll still come by and see us from time to time, yeah? Okay??