Very Cool Behemoth Home Activities: Compilation Edition!

If you know The Behemoth, you know that we’re all about making fun couch co-op experiences for you to share. While we all spend some time at home, we’ve compiled a host of other activities to do from that same couch (or another one, if you’re a couch fiend that has MULTIPLE couches) with your family or friends!

We’ve shared a few ideas so far and we’re going to keep coming up with more, but we wanted to pin everything in one place for your convenience and enjoyment. This is it. This is that place. It’s wonderful here, isn’t it?

So anyway, here’s our compilation Very Cool Behemoth Home Activities (not TM)! Go crazy, have fun, and be sure to share all of your creations with us on social media.

Behemoth Coloring Book

Stretch your creative muscles (or wings, if you’re a chicken) with our free Behemoth coloring book! Print it and bust out the crayons, or download it for some digital coloring action with your favorite program. Or both!! Both is good.

Claim your own coloring book and get to making that masterpiece right here.

Alien Hominid Head Plush

If you want a new friend to keep you company, check out this tutorial for our Alien Hominid Invasion Head Plush! (That’s quite the mouthful, isn’t it? Headful??)

Our very own Behemoth “Plushsmith” Anna The Red has put together some simple instructions to help you create your own little Alien! You can follow along by clicking here.

Behemoth Streams

For your entertainment, we make fools out of ourselves twice a week, every week, and you can watch us on any one of your screens via Twitch! We play a handful of co-op games, a whole lot of BattleBlock Theater, and show up to have a good time and talk directly to you.

Be sure to tune into the show every Tuesday and Thursday at 2 PM PT! You can watch us (or catch up on old videos) right here.

Keep an eye out for more activities coming! And remember, we’d love to see what you make! Tag us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

Make Your Own: Castle Crashers Knight Mask

When you go out in the world, you gotta mask up — and no one knows the importance of big ol’ face coverings like the Castle Crashers with their giant helmets! We’ve pulled together a few easy DIY mask designs complete with instructions so you can make them at home! This week we’re showing off the classic Castle Crashers Knight Mask, with two more SUPER SECRET AND SUPER COOL designs coming later.

Collect your pattern below, and follow along to make your own mask!


– Solid colored t-shirt/fabric for knight mask
– White t-shirt/fabric for knight helmet
– Needle and thread
– Paper pattern (Get that below!)

This pattern is for adult size M, and you can adjust as needed.

To use it, zoom in on the pattern on your computer monitor so that the reference line on the pattern is 2 inches long, then put a piece of paper on the monitor and trace the pattern. I recommend you to write on the pattern which side is up.

Now let’s get going!

1. Trace the pattern on a solid colored t-shirt and cut TWO pieces. (I used an old shirt I got from the Behemoth, but you can use any shirt, of course!)

2. Cut a white t-shirt/fabric for the white helmet emblem. (I used 100% cotton for the white part. Don’t mind the not-so-smooth cut line.)

3. Lay the white pieces on the *right side of #1 and sew only the inner (blue dotted) part.

4. Put the *right sides together, sew them ¼ inch away from the edge, leaving an opening on one side.

5. Open the pieces up and put them together like the picture below, then sew top and bottom. Make sure to leave ½ – ¾ inch openings on top and bottom of each side for ear loops.

6. Snip around the curve but don’t cut too deep! You don’t want to slice the seam you made.

7. Turn it inside out by pulling the fabric from the opening you made in step 4.

8. Cut a ½ inch strip from one of your t-shirts lengthwise, hold both ends, and stretch it out to make it into a string. Most t-shirts are designed to stretch lengthwise and the fabric will not fray, so go ahead and give it a nice pull.

(The top piece is what it should look like after it’s pulled/stretched, while the bottom piece is before it’s pulled/stretched.)

9. Put one of your strings through the opening on the side. I used a bodkin to pull the string through but if you don’t have one, you can use a safety pin.

10. Adjust each ear loop til it’s a size you like, and tie a knot. Cut the excess string, and rotate the loop until the knot is hidden inside the mask.

Repeat steps 9 and 10 for the other side of the mask, and you’re done! A knight in shining armor, just like that.

Be sure to check back next week for more Castle Crashers mask designs, and stay safe!

We’re Making a Summer Splash with Super Sales!

How many S’s can you fit into one sentence? Summer Splash with Some Super Sunny Sales and Smiles?! The answer is a lot, apparently.

The Steam Summer Sale has crashed down like a wave, and all of our games are on sale on Steam! From June 25th to July 9th, you can grab Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater for 80% off, and Pit People for special 52% off. (The 52% discount makes the price a nice number that we liked, okay? Plus, it’s 2% more than 50%, so that’s cool for you too!)

But wait, there’s more!

Be sure to check out the Cozy Couch Co-Op Bundle on Steam! The bundle features BattleBlock Theater alongside a slew of fun co-op adventures from other developers — it’s perfect for anyone who’s looking for new games to play with friends, and will also be discounted during the Summer Sale! Watch this super cool trailer or click the link for more details.

If you already have some of the games in the bundle, no worries — Steam subtracts the cost of what you already own so you don’t have to spend extra cash.

But wait, there’s MORE more…

Pump up your summer style with a Behemoth merch sale! From June 25th to July 9th, you can save big in our online merch store.

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This sale will end at 12:00 AM PT on July 9th, so snag a deal while you can!

We that we bring you a little bit of extra fun to help you kick off your summer vacation. Hang ten!! Or hang eight, because Google says that chickens have four toes per foot, unless they’re Silkies, which have five. The more you know!!

Gold Free Play Days on Xbox and Sales Galore

If you’re tired of baking loaves of bread or trying to learn those hip new social media dances (what’s a “Tik Tok” anyway?) then we’ve got something cool for you to do!

From today, May 14th through May 17th, Castle Crashers Remastered will be completely free to play for all Xbox Live Gold Members! Gather up some friends and smash through the game together at no cost.

If you try it and decide you want to add it to your arsenal of games, we have good news — Castle Crashers Remastered for Xbox will also be available for purchase at 60% off from May 14th through the 24th.

“But what about your other games? What if I need MORE super incredible amazing co-op action to share with my friends!?”

We hear you, and we certainly wouldn’t want to leave the rest of our games completely out of the fun. That’s why starting on May 19th (also running through May 24th), BattleBlock Theater and Pit People for Xbox will be on sale for 60% off.

“Okay, but now that I have the games how can I show people just how much I love them? If only there was some physical manifestation of these weird and wonderful video game creations…”

Okay, okay. If you insist. Running the WHOLE WAY THROUGH, from May 14th through May 24th, you can get 20% off of any item in our merch store and 50% off Pit People figurines! Just be sure to use code GIDDYUP at checkout. (We wanted to be cowboys, so now we are. Yeehaw!)

Times are funky, as proven by the fact that I just used this blog post to have a (mostly coherent, slightly embellished) conversation with myself — but that’s okay. We just want to keep bringing as much fun to people’s faces as we can. <3