PAX East 2023 Recap

Our first trade show back in person has come and gone, and while I’m sad the magic of it all happened so quickly, I’m excited to relive it all again in a quick blog post (with many pictures included so we’ll never forget it)!

Since it was Sarah and I’s first time hitting the show floor as Behemoth staff, getting a chance to meet fans for the first time and network with industry veterans was delightful. Just getting to walk around, soak in the sights of endless colorful booths, pose with the cosplayers (Cloud and Tifa, you made my entire weekend), and see all the gamers GAMING – it was all great. Thank you to everyone who was a part of it.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for, I hope, the highlights:

First, the booth

Our beautiful Behemoth of a booth featured PC and Nintendo Switch stations where PAX goers got their hands on the latest demo of Alien Hominid Invasion! Of course, cute little Digestors judging attendee gameplay were also present.

Our #1 Twitter follower wins a contest

One of the coolest fans we’ve met yet came by and stunned us with a crazy AHI performance in our high score INSANE mode competition! Thanks for coming by to see us, and we hope you enjoy all that new alien swag.

A… lamb? I thought this was a chicken company

While we do honor the big chicken more than normal people honor chickens on a daily basis (unless you’re Sarah), I have to give a shout out to the second cutest mascot there is around, The Lamb. Peep that cute chicken follower, too!

Pins, pins, and more pins!

We saw a crazy Behemoth pin collection on Day 4 that I just can’t shut up about. So here is the collection, in all its glory, with many pins from our old gachapon machines!

We will be back with our typical Behemoth-sized booth at future tradeshows (gasp!), maybe even with PINS (!?), so no worries if you don’t have a comparable collection. Maybe someday you will, but it probably won’t be as cool as this one. Unlesssssss it does become as cool as this one.. If that’s the case, print out this blog post and shove it in our faces later.

Showstopping cosplays

The loveliest cosplayers visited our booth to join the Invasion! Here are a couple snaps Sarah shot, with a bonus picture of a familiar face below..


Sarah chased down this lovely chicken from across the expo hall. Naturally, we had to snap a few photos to honor their hard work and dedication! Baaawk!

And that’s a wrap on our PAX East 2023 recap. We’re hoping to hit more shows in the future, so who knows where the aliens will be beaming down next… Wherever it may be, we hope to see you there!

PAX East Show-nanigans Incoming

March 23, 2023. Another Thursday to most. The agents will wake up and make breakfast. The aliens continue their invasion prep from above. Aaand we’ll be at PAX East Booth #11063.

We’ll be at the show this Thursday – Sunday with the latest demo of Alien Hominid Invasion, now featuring the possibility of encountering not one, not two, BUT THREE DIFFERENT BOSSES. That’s right – all invaders this weekend have the possibility of running into Megabot, Installball, or THE BIG BAD WASP GUY FROM ALIEN HOMINID HD. (bzz bzz!)

Even better, by just playing our demo, you can enter a raffle to earn new (and old) Alien Hominid merch! Here’s a quick peek at the prizes:

And if you like the demo and are shaking in anticipation for MORE, be sure to come back and compete in one of two competitions we have planned this weekend!

Alien Demo High Score Extravaganza – Friday, March 24 at 4:00pm and Saturday, March 25 at 4:00pm

There may or may not be a way for the audience at home to score some alien swag, too… (Meaning there will be. We didn’t forget about you! Keep an eye out for a tweet with more info later this weekend.)

On top of our usual show-nanigans, we’ll be bringing a Polaroid camera along to take photos of you all at the booth! So stop on by, play our little alien demo, and let us snap a picture of you to take home as a souvenir. Cute stickers with Behemoth characters possibly included.

Meeting with you all in person and sharing the joy of our games with fans has been a focus of The Behemoth since the start of our journey, so needless to say, we’re ready to be back.

And this past year, employee eggs hatched from The Behemoth and now we’re stuck with Amanda and Sarah posting memes, managing our community, and marketing specialists! Wait… specializing in marketing? Either way, this is their (our) first show, so be sure to say hi! Or make awkward sustained eye contact from across the convention floor. Or drop a pot of chili off at the booth for them to eat in the chilly East Coast winter. Actually, go grab a notepad real quick so we can put in an order…