RTX 2018 – Booth 531

Done with one summer con and onto the next: Rooster Teeth Expo in Austin from August 3rd through August 5th!

This year we’ll be at Booth 531 with the theme of “Behemoth’s Backyard Bonanza!”
What does that even mean? We can’t tell you yet, so you’ll have to come see it at RTX 2018!

What we can tell you, however, is that we’ll be there with a few game stations to play Pit People, Back Off Barbarian (from Castle Crashers Remastered), BattleBlock Theater, and Alien Hominid HD! We’ll also have a ton of merch for sale:

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SDCC 2018 – Day 3 & 4

Another super Comic Con has come and gone! We survived the 4.5 day show with the help of fans, cool cosplay, and a daily guessing contest.

To see all of our photos from this year’s SDCC, check out our collection of photos on Flickr.

A wave of attendees flowed into the San Diego Convention Center on Saturday, which is historically the busiest day of all cons.

These handy dandy RFID scanners were posted at all the doors for SDCC.

On Day 3, we had another impromptu autograph signing with Dan in the booth.

At 3PM, we had a special group photo with our Castle Crashers 10th Anniversary tee and fans cosplaying as Castle Crashers characters.

Can you believe that Castle Crashers will have its 10th Anniversary next month on August 27th?

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