PAX East 2015 – New Events for Day 3

We’ve just added a couple events for the last day of PAX East 2015!
Super Soviet PAX East Sunday Funday Contest

Super Soviet Missile Mastar

While the attendees are waiting in line for our Game 4 demo (or just hanging out by our booth in general), they can download Super Soviet Missile Mastar for free on their iOS devices and try to get the highest score of the day. (Tip: You could even download the game now and start practicing!)
High scores will be posted at the Behemoth booth #5020. If an attendee beats the posted score, they must show their score to a Behemoth employee, who will take their information and repost the new score. If you have questions, you can always ask us at the booth.
We will contact the winner at 4 PM to collect their prize. If we are unable to contact the winner by 5:00 PM, the prize is offered to next highest score. Winner must be able to collect by 6 PM from our booth to be eligible.

The prize for the highest score of the day at PAX East 2015 is a set of all our Series 4 Pinny Arcade pins, which are normally sold via our Chonku Chonku machines in a blended blind arrangement. (The retail value is $50 for five pins–Not a bad prize for playing a free game!)
Good luck to all the contestants!

Tom & Will Meet & Greet with fans

Tom Fulp (our co-founder & programmer) will be doing another Meet & Greet with fans alongside with Will Stamper (our BattleBlock Theater & Game 4 narrator). They will be signing items from 2-4PM EST at Booth 5020. It’s the last chance, so make sure to get there early because we will be capping the line close to 4PM.

PAX East 2015 – Day 1 Recap

We’re heading into Day 2 of PAX East and we’re ready for what’s usually the busiest day of the show. Our booth will be open from 10AM to 6PM EST, and we’ll have a signing session from 2PM to 4PM EST.
In addition, we’ve got some MEGA drawstring Behemoth bag giveaways! (Follow our Twitter because we’ll notify you of the times there.) You’ll also get a bag when you buy something from our gift shop. See you all soon!



Day 1 Recap
Our Game 4 demo was drawing a crowd and seemed to get a lot of positive reviews from PAX East attendees so far. (Thank you to everyone who filled out a comment card!)
The line was averaging about an hour and a half for attendees to play, but when they do sit down to play they get a good chunk of the game to try out. Don’t miss out on our PAX East 2015 Game 4 demo!
From 2pm to 4pm on Friday, Tom Fulp and Will Stamper met with fans at our booth. They signed merch, took photos, and chatted about Behemoth & Newgrounds. They’ll be doing it again today if you didn’t come by yesterday.
To see all our photos from Day 1, click HERE.