BattleBlock Theater Now Out on XBLA

Hello friends,

I write to you today to let you know we’ve made you something.  It took us a little over 4 years but it’s finally here.  That’s the most time we’ve put into something, and I think it shows!  It is my overwhelming pleasure to announce BattleBlock Theater‘s release.

What was once an idea grew into the most expansive idea we’ve ever had, even though it wasn’t initially conceived to be.  It demanded more and we gave it more.  It’s our largest game to date in every possible way with our most involved story we’ve ever written.  I’d be surprised if this thing’s story wasn’t twice the length of Castle Crashers.  It’s got hundreds of unlockables and even more levels than that.  It’s got a soundtrack that rivals our previous best.  You’ll find hours of recorded narration that is natural and uplifting.

You might find friendship, betrayal, cats, and something in between all that.  You’ll also find a gift or two waiting for you if you’ve gotten an achievement in Castle Crashers and/or Alien Hominid.  A small token of our appreciation for keeping our team alive… almost 10 years now and counting!!


For the excited: You can pick up our little gem for 1200 Microsoft Points on XBLA, 4/3/2013.

For the ones without a friend handy:  Don’t worry – You can just host a Story Mode game online, or if that’s not your thing there’s also a Single player Story!

For the skeptics:  Oh you! There’s a free demo you can try out either alone or with a friend, so no sweat off your back if you ever want to look!

For the ones listening to “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses:  Please don’t forget it’s only April.  Though I suppose there’s a lot of rain outside the theater so it’s still fitting.

Enjoy and Thank you,

BattleBlock Theater Special Unlocks

We have a couple hidden gems that come with BattleBlock Theater for our loyal fans out there. We first brought the alien over from Alien Hominid HD to Castle Crashers XBLA when the game first launched and now we’re doing another cross over!

Anyone who has the full version of Castle Crashers will be getting a special unlock of a Castle Crashers knight in the full version of BattleBlock Theater. You can bring your Castle Crasher buddy onto the mysterious island run by technologically driven cats.


BlogPost2013AHAlso, for the super duper fans who have Alien Hominid HD (our first game!), you’ll be able to unlock the alien in the full version of BattleBlock Theater.

Last, but not least, we have the Can’t Stop Crying Pack which will unlock in the full version of Castle Crashers XBLA when you earn at least one achievement in BattleBlock Theater. In order to unlock the Can’t Stop Crying Pack to get Hatty as a playable character, you must have the must updated XBLA version of Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater  and Castle Crashers must be installed on the same Xbox system.

Check out the Can’t Stop Crying Pack for Castle Crashers and special unlocks in BattleBlock Theater in the video below!

For those who don’t have Castle Crashers on XBLA, the game is on sale for 800 Microsoft points until April 4th! Get Castle Crashers today and get ready for BattleBlock Theater tomorrow!