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BattleBlock Theater: Furbottom’s Features

Last time, we featured a bunch of the awesome content our beta testers had come up with for the BattleBlock Community Theater: a magical place where user-made levels go once they’re uploaded from the Level Editor. While we hope you enjoyed that peek behind the curtain, some of you may have been thinking, “Hey, what… Read more »

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BattleBlock Theater (Beta): User Created Levels

Ah, yes… the BattleBlock Community Theater. Even after 3 years of playwriting levels, how those Beta builders still managed to surprise me! And kill me. And then surprise me again! Whether I was flung through explosions into rooms made out of teleporters or flung through teleporters into rooms made out of explosions, the experience was… Read more »

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BattleBlock Theater Achievements

Twenty-six out of thirty Achievements from BattleBlock Theater have been revealed! See the full list below and plan your future performances accordingly. Cast Member Complete the story’s opening sequence in any mode. 5 points Welcome to the stage! You’ll like it whether you like it or not.   Seasoned Performer Complete the first four finales… Read more »

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