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BattleBlock Theater Release Date

*A-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding!*ย The glorious sound of a release date for BattleBlock Theater! Being able to announce a release date for a game is something we don’t really do that often. Which is why today is exciting for us, and hopefully for you. ย Having just been recently announced as a Spring 2013 release, today we are happy to… Read more »

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A Prisoner’s Tale

The guard did growleth as he pushed us out, Catnip stanking up each breath. “Your turn has come at last,” he mewed, His eyes aglow with death. In leaps and bounds, the course was run; We gave it every ounce of heart. So silently, the audience sat enrapt, That thou couldst hear a kitten fart…. Read more »

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