PAX Prime 2014 – Day 3 Pics & Day 4 Schedule

Look at this awesome fan art someone dropped off!

Yesterday, we continued showing off Game 4 at our PAX Prime Booth 3003. We’re super grateful for everyone who has come by to check out the game and taken the time to fill out the comment card!


On top of the usual going ons at our booth, we added a signing in the afternoon with Will Stamper and Tom Fulp. You’ll get one last chance to meet them today (Day 4) since they’ve agreed to sign from 1:30PM-2:30PM!


We also did a third stream of Game 4 at the Gamespot stage in the afternoon. If you missed it, we’ll be posting all the recordings of the streams when we do our recap later this week.

See all the Day 3 photos HERE.

We’re in our final stretch for PAX 2014! If you didn’t get a chance to do anything at our booth yet, here’s the schedule for the day:

10am – 6pm Booth Hours

12pm Daily Twitter raffle closes. Winner is drawn. (Details HERE)

1:30pm – 2:30pm Autograph signings (Booth 3003)
With Tom Fulp and Will Stamper

This schedule is tentative and may possibly change at anytime. Check back on our blog for updates.

PAX Prime 2014 – Day 2 Pics & Day 3 Schedule

Saturday was a whirlwind kind of day with all the events going on at the Behemoth booth and outside of our booth as guests for a couple live streams. We had the autograph signings with Will and Stamper, then jumped into a Twitch TV live stream, and ended the day with a ScrewAttack live stream. These streams were the first to ever show live gameplay of Game 4!




We’ll do our best to link you to the recordings if you didn’t get a chance to watch it live, but until we get those videos check out the Day 2 photos!


Don’t miss the final live stream of Game 4 from PAX Prime! It starts at 1:20PM today on Gamespot’s channel, so check out the schedule below:


10am – 6pm Booth Hours


12pm Daily Twitter raffle closes. Winner is drawn. (Details HERE)


1:20pm – 1:40pm Gamespot live stream of Game 4 (Gamespot Stage)

Featuring gameplay and interview with Dan Paladin & Will Stamper