PAX Prime 2014 – Day 2 Pics & Day 3 Schedule

Saturday was a whirlwind kind of day with all the events going on at the Behemoth booth and outside of our booth as guests for a couple live streams. We had the autograph signings with Will and Stamper, then jumped into a Twitch TV live stream, and ended the day with a ScrewAttack live stream. These streams were the first to ever show live gameplay of Game 4!




We’ll do our best to link you to the recordings if you didn’t get a chance to watch it live, but until we get those videos check out the Day 2 photos!


Don’t miss the final live stream of Game 4 from PAX Prime! It starts at 1:20PM today on Gamespot’s channel, so check out the schedule below:


10am – 6pm Booth Hours


12pm Daily Twitter raffle closes. Winner is drawn. (Details HERE)


1:20pm – 1:40pm Gamespot live stream of Game 4 (Gamespot Stage)

Featuring gameplay and interview with Dan Paladin & Will Stamper


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  1. I was suppose to go tomorow but my friend couldnt bring me.

    *Hay guys wanna mail me an autographed shirt?* <—— sarcasm (not really)

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