Pit People VO Spotlight: Monica Franco

Through mutual friends I’ve come to know Monica and her voice work. The vocal roles I needed filled weren’t the same sort of flavor as what others usually request of her. We had her working remotely for this one, so I’d give my rundown of what these characters are like and then wait for the magic! Monica nailed it on her first attempt.

The Gorgons are confident ladies who follow Greek mythology pretty closely. The Pit People Gorgons are a little confident, a little alluring, and a little mysterious. I think Monica nailed the vibe I was looking for which was potentially one of the most difficult roles on Pit People.

Monica also voiced Pandora, who is Pipistrella’s sibling. Pandora isn’t phased too much by most things, and might fit description of a tomboy overall. She wields a mace, along with her tiny tiara over partially combed hair.

(See the introduction of the full Pit People VO Cast in “The Voices of Pit People)

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Pit People Update 4 – Coming June 22nd

PIT PEOPLE UPDATE 4: VIBRANT VILLAINS is wrapping up development now. The Pit People Update will release on both Xbox One Game Preview and Steam Early Access on June 22, 2017!

This update has taken us longer than previous updates due to the amount of content Update 4 will include. We have been working on the next part of the story along with a whole new world map that will have 15 new side missions. We’re also happy to announce that we’ve got two new series of side quests in the City, each with multiple parts to the quests!

With everything combined, Pit People players can expect at least another 5 hours of gameplay in Update 4!

We’ve also got additional improvements: The House will have custom gear buttons for the creatures, the Marquette will display how many items you already have for any items being sold, the ability to choose to allow/disallow Auto-battlers from your PVP session, and more! (See the full change list below)

Live Streaming June 19th – 4:00PM to 5:30PM PST

Before we release Update 4, we’ll be giving a sneak peek of the changes we’ve made in the game and the decisions behind those improvements.

Part of the stream will showcase one of our new World Map missions and we’ll also do a task from Emperor’s Orders (which came out in Update 3) — We aren’t going to be showing story, so no need to worry about seeing big spoilers!

Our co-founder & art director, Dan Paladin, will be hosting the live stream on the Behemoth’s Twitch channel and we’re going to do simultaneous broadcasts on Mixer and Facebook Live for the first time!

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