Cupcake Couture in Game 4


Codenamed “Game 4,” our in-development game has some new additions since you last saw it on our Raptr Extra Life Charity Stream or since you first saw it at PAX Prime in our first live stream demo of Game 4.

We’ve shown you the House with the collection of hairstyles, helmets, and heavy weaponry available for your human heroes. Now we’ve put out a new line of accessories in Game 4!

Today, we’ll just give you a taste of what’s to come by showing off one of our units: Cupcakes. If looks could kill, these Cupcakes would be the deadliest unit on the field!

Speaking of Recruiting, we’ve alluded to this ability in the game but we haven’t had a chance to show it to you yet. Don’t you worry, my darlings; you’ll be able to see the simplicity of Recruiting in action when we bring Game 4 to PAX East this March!Until then, come back to the blog soon because we’ll be revealing another creatures’ collection of customizable. FASHION SHOW #2!cupcakestatueTL;DR
*Cupcakes and other creatures are customizable with different loot you find!

*More customized character reveals to come!!!!!!!