Oh, Sweet Mother of Trolls!

You think Hair Trolls are tough? Well, take a look at the Troll Mom! Here’s a video that takes a closer look at what she looks like as Dan Paladin creates some customizable looks that players will be able to use in Pit People.

This maternal beast is practically three times the size of a Pit People human so she takes up 3 Team Slots. This mother of trolls has a range of skills that we’ll be covering in this post:

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Humans and Weapon Classes in Pit People

The Pit People closed betas have come and gone, but we’re still processing all of the wonderfully helpful feedback we got from all of the beta testers! In case you missed it, the first thing we did was pull some of the stats from both betas and combined some of the most interesting ones into an infographic. We’re continuing development based on a lot of feedback and once we have an update for the game, we’ll post here.


Until then, we’ve got another unique Pit People fighter post! For the first time in Pit People blog history, we aren’t looking at strange creatures; This time we’re focusing on the most cornerstone fighter of them all. The human!

(Just in case anyone is wondering, no, we have not covered all of the creature types in Pit People just yet! More to come..)

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