Octoclopes will make an enemy into a friend

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Quick Closed Beta Update: The Pit People Xbox One closed beta is quickly approaching! We’ll have a separate blog post to announce the beta dates and then emails to selected beta testers will go out shortly after that. Our PC closed beta on Steam will follow once the Xbox One closed beta ends.
Until then, let us regale you with our highly evolved Octoclops from Pit People! We’ve also included some tips on how to use this fighter:


Color me bad


Why is it called an Octoclops, anyway? One tentacle, two eyes, and eight brain centers — while it looks fairly harmless, this highly intelligent Octoclops has manipulated its own ink to be able to color its opponents so even their own teammate’s don’t recognize them!  
An ordinary octopus will generally use ink when it senses danger, but Octoclopes go on the offensive by attacking from one hex away to turn that dangerous foe into a helpless non-contender for one turn.  

His own team doesn’t recognize him anymore!

Once a fighter has been converted by an Octoclops, that fighter’s own team could attack him or her if they aren’t careful.
Tip: If you see one of your fighters with the spinning yin-yang icon, be sure to position your other fighters away from that hex to avoid bringing down your own team’s HP.

The most ideal situation for Blue Team

Tip: For those players who are using an Octoclops, try to color the toughest or bloodiest fighter on the enemy team.
Converting a heavy hitter means the enemy team loses that fighter for one turn, while converting an injured fighter means the enemy team won’t be able to heal it if they have a Cupcake on their team.  

Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee

Tip: Octoclopes can float over small chasms, spike pits, and fires without being harmed. Beware of poisonous gases, though!


While the Octoclops will be a fun fighter to have on your team, keep in mind that it is generally fragile. Be sure to protect your Octoclops so that it can continue being an asset on your team!



  • An Octoclops hits an opponent with ink that converts the attacked fighter into the Octoclops’ team color for one turn.
  • Once a fighter has been converted, their own team can harm it as if it were on the opposing team.
  • An Octoclops can float over spike pits, chasms, fires or lava without getting harmed.
  • Octoclopes are generally fragile and don’t deal much damage directly.





6 thoughts on “Octoclopes will make an enemy into a friend”

  1. I really octopi, I’ll be using this Fighter in the Closed Beta on my team, if I do get access to the Closed Beta or if I do get an Octoclops.

  2. This is awesome strategic mix up! I love it! Will this also mean that trolls won’t be able to heal while they are under its control?

  3. This is awesome strategic mix up! I love it! Will this also mean that trolls won’t be able to heal while they are under its control, because that could make them much weaker.

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