Official Castle Crashers Avatars on Xbox LIVE

Men, women, girls and boys of all ages can now sport the latest and greatest fashion trends from medieval times! Castle Crashers accoutrements are available on Xbox LIVE and your new garments are going to make you the talk of the village. And each item is under 300 MSP!  While only a few accessories and… Read more »

Pink Knight, PAX, PSN Game of the Year

ok no ponies. But other exciting things! First off, I am happy to announce that Pink Knight Figurines will be available at PAX East!!! Pink Knight comes with all 4 regular weapons PLUS a special sweet (get it?) lollipop weapon. Like the Barbarian and King Figures, Pink Knight is limited edition, so pick one up at PAX… Read more »

Tournament Victories, Pink Knights, and Missiles.

Dear Behemothtown, Three very exciting things this week! #1. Over the weekend, on Feb 5th, we hosted the first ever Castle Crashers Tournament of Champions on XBLA! With several hours of ferocious battles we discovered who are the very best Castle Crashers Arena fighters in the world!  Our top 3 finalists, winning the exciting grand prizes are:… Read more »

Castle Crashers Princess GPS Voice

Kudos to those who unraveled the riddle.  Not quite a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma.  But more a voice, wrapped in a blog, and dipped in science.  The Red Princess can now guide you on your real life adventures! The use of the Princeses GPS voice requires a TomTom (GPS not Fulp) device…. Read more »