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Comic Con 2010, days 3 and 4

Whew. Can I just say that again? Whew. What a whirlywind ComicCon is! Please experience some more of our adventure through pictures. In other news, there is no new news on Castle for PSN. Submission is moving along, things are being tested, forms are being filled out, magic is occurring, babies are being saved… we’ll… Read more »

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We have created things!

While we are all patiently waiting to see how submission and certification of Castle Crashers for PSN goes, we would like to share with you some new products that will be available at the upcoming tradeshows. Represent! Are you stressed like us? Work out your frustrations in this new Behemoth Chicken Stress ball. Want to… Read more »

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A PAX East retrospective

Greetings Behemoth Community, This is Ian, Behemoth Employee #5712 (really employee #…11? 12?) , and member of Team Boston.  (Team Boston being comprised of 1 part Behemoth, 1 part Newgrounds, 1 part Radio Shack, and 2 parts fruit snacks.)  With PAX East behind us, and our minds and bodies now normalized, we’ve been looking back… Read more »

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