Castle Crashers Physical now available on our merch store!

It’s time! Through one round of pre-orders and a record-breaking flash sale, Castle Crashers Remastered is available for Nintendo Switch physical! Stocked and distributed through our merch store DIRECTLY, you can place an order for it beginning today, April 1st at 12PM PDT!

No, this is not an elaborate joke and definitely not an April Fools Day prank, IT’S TIME. So sharpen your broccoli sword, eat your sandwich and close your helmet, for crying out loud, because we have some castles to crash.

The price remains the same since our initial limited launch of it: $29.99 excluding shipping for the game itself, and it comes with a sticker pack and character unlock guide book! Yes, a GUIDE BOOK for you to physically hold and flip through, a reminder of the days long gone spent poring over guides and maps and unlocks and combo buttons…all that’s missing is pizza and Surge Cola and you, too, can have your childhood back*
*No guarantees but hey, it’s nice to think about

All of us here at The Behemoth are grateful to the fans and friends we’ve made along the way with this title and all our other game babies, and we truly thank you for waiting [mostly] patiently for this release. 

We posted a while back that we have temporarily suspended international orders through our store while we review more affordable options to YOU, our beloved international merch lovers! We are still in the middle of this process, so our merch store will continue to be North America (US/Canada) only for the time being. We truly appreciate your understanding and patience as we try to restructure this to make it better for you, and assure you that this is not the final chance to secure Castle Crashers in its physical form. We’ll let you know as soon as possible!

Happy April Fool’s Day! Orange you glad this isn’t a prank and you [probably] aren’t the fool today?