PAX Gauntlet, Booth details and more!

PAX Gauntlet charity benefits Able Gamers

We’re happy to announce that Castle Crashers has been selected as one of the games in the PAX Gauntlet by Dedicated Servers. This is their first official charity event in which they will play a different game every hour from 11am – 11pm EST on Saturday, March 24th. Viewers will be able to watch the event live at, and all donations made during that time will go directly to the AbleGamers Foundation for disabled gamers. Please be sure to support the cause by making a donation as you watch them attempt to play video games for twelve hours. We played games for six hours once and then we completely blacked out. Days later, we awoke to find Dan’s left arm had been surgically removed and attached to his face, and our plush toys had been stapled to the ceiling. That was after only six hours of gaming… so who knows what madness will take place during the twelve that the Dedicated Servers guys are about to endure. Be sure to tune in!

PAX East 2012 Exhibitor Map

[Click here for full size map]


PAX East preparations have been coming along nicely and we can finally reveal our booth number! The Behemoth will be located at booth #512, and you shouldn’t have trouble spotting us since  our gameplay footage will be projected on a giant screen with Hatty Hattington looming over. Yep, you read that right. Hatty will be watching over all of you, so feel free to shove all the other PAX East attendees out of the way. If they ask you, “Hey, what was that for!?”, just tell them you’re playing Battleblock Theater in the real world!

Come back next week to see what fuzzy mysteries await!

PAX Boston 2012 Prep

In less than a month we’ll be heading to Boston for the annual Penny-Arcade Expo, or PAX. Getting ready for a show like this usually starts 3-4 months before, with booth designs, merchandise prep, and in our case, making sure all the arcade cabinets still work. Here’s a shot of the latest design for our booth this year. We’re bringing a huge projector screen somewhere around the 140″ range to blast some of our games up into the sky using the power of light. 

Did you know last year we were the grand prize winners of “Best Gaming Booth” for every single show we attended? Crazy right? We didn’t even know there was a competition going on. To continue our dominance for this year, we are bringing both our Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater arcade cabinets with us, and a surprise! Deep underground at The Behemoth Headquarters, we are working on a  super secret new arcade cabinet that has the potential to possibly blow your mind, if we finish it at least. Finally,  we will also be bringing our PAX Boston exclusive t-shirt design as seen below.

We’ll have more updates about our booth as we get closer to the show, which in case I haven’t mentioned yet runs from April 6th to April 8th in Boston, Massachusetts. We hope to see you there.