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A PAX East retrospective

Greetings Behemoth Community, This is Ian, Behemoth Employee #5712 (really employee #…11? 12?) , and member of Team Boston.  (Team Boston being comprised of 1 part Behemoth, 1 part Newgrounds, 1 part Radio Shack, and 2 parts fruit snacks.)  With PAX East behind us, and our minds and bodies now normalized, we’ve been looking back… Read more »

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Tokyo Anime Fair: Wrap Up

Hello everyone!  This is Sumi, here to report that all members of both Team Boston and Team Tokyo have returned home safe and sound! Tokyo Anime Fair was a huge success.   The whole weekend was filled with meeting great people, occasional business meetings and interviews, and tons of convenience store runs.    What was really great… Read more »

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Tokyo Anime Fair: Day 2

皆さんこんにちは! 与儀須美で~す。 Hi guys!  This is Sumi, translator for The Behemoth reporting in on behalf of Team Tokyo!  We saw Team Boston’s post with all their pictures, and couldn’t resist making a post of our own, so I’m here to stealth post while everyone’s still hard at work here at Tokyo Anime Fair! It is… Read more »

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