Number 2 of the Final Five: FBI Agent 2

Our FBI Agent 2 is second in command, but that doesn’t mean he’s less of a force to be reckoned with. The second of five reveals in BattleBlock Theater–a reward for those who complete the Furbottoms Features this week. Play the new Solo Furbottoms Features playlist, “Portal Lab,” or replay the Co-Op Furbottoms Features playlist, “Concession Cat,” and unlock this Alien Hominid FBI Agent 2 at the finish line.




He’s been through battle against the extraterrestrial visitors, now let’s see how he holds up against a theater full of cats. Get the second of the Final Five now! Learn more about the new Furbottoms Features playlist and some insider info on FBI Agent 2.


The first of the Final Five: Barbarian

It hath begun. The first of five reveals in BattleBlock Theater for those who have completed the Furbottoms Features. A new cooperative community playlist has just been featured and the reward, for ye kind sirs and ladies, is our favorite brute from Castle Crashers!




FeaturePost_BARBARIANHomeless after one too many bad knights, the Barbarian has learned how to express his need for princesses and castle crashing with less murder and more interpretive dance. But still sometimes murder.


Will he find a home in your household of prisoners? Get the first of the Final Five soon before it’s gone! Learn more about the new Furbottoms Features playlist that you need to defeat in order to get our Barbarian.