BattleBlock Theater: The Final Five

Update 2/14: The last two of the final five was announced
And then there were five.


Since we released BattleBlock Theater in April 2013, we’ve had a plethora of prisoners revealed and added to your special star prisoner category.


We whetted your appetites for unlocks with Donuts and Sausage. We shared the prisoners near and dear to us, like Winston and Behemoth Chicken. There were fun animated prisoners, like the Lava Lamp and Boom. There were uniquely sized ones, like Tiny Monkey and 50% Off Prisoner. The holidays throughout the year were celebrated with their very own special prisoners: Santa, Turkey, Rose and even Manbirth! Inside jokes, winks and nods were given when we announced prisoners such as King, Buckle Your Pants, and Fat Kid. Within less than a year, we released over 50 special prisoners in BattleBlock Theater!


Now, we’re down to the final five. These prisoners will be released in a matter of weeks and you’ll only get a limited amount of time to get each one. So be sure to check this blog often!
The 1st of Five: Barbarian
The 2nd of Five: FBI Agent 2
The 3rd of Five: Groundhog

The 4th of Five: Ms. Pump
The 5th of Five: Thief
See previous predictions in the comments below!


30 thoughts on “BattleBlock Theater: The Final Five”

  1. Hatty is the easy guess, maybe a princess one from CC? The crazy orange princess. Any of the other bosses from CC? Another chicken head? More cats? More dogs? I mean really, where is the love?


    Oh, and more cat heads would be cool too. Also Hatty, some dlc. Maybe new levels in the dlc. Some new weapons would be nice and..(List is 20 pages long)

    No, I’m just kidding. I am actually very curios what they are going to be. You guys already teased about more cat heads, so I bet one of the five is a cat. The rest, I have no clue. Guess I’ll have to see.

    • The king was released. Also is one big chin? I heard it was in the game, I heard I wasn’t, I don’t know anymore.

  3. The Behemoth takes the “Troll” to a whole new level!

    “Now, we’re down to the final five” and everyone counts 6 remaining!

    Oh the suspense! Did we miss one? Will one be a special release head? Did the Behemoth make a mistake and count wrong? Did one just become available and no one has posted about it yet?

  4. I think someone just miscounted or this got released on Thursday instead of after the new FF. There are only 58/64 heads released so far.

  5. They should’ve waited to release the little monkey
    Cause then they could’ve done
    the 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed.
    Day 1 : Little Monkey
    Day 2 : Bed Head
    Day 3 : Female of some sort
    Day 4 : Doctor
    Day 5 : A moon or a star

  6. I thinck that the heads will be
    1. big chin
    2. enemy cat 1
    3. enemy cat 2
    4. enemy cat 3
    5. enemy cat 4
    6. dlc or a hatty

  7. Now were at five left with the barbarian.The suspense is killing every single one of us (at least I know it’s killing me,ahhhh I’m getting stabbed,you did this behemoth).I and most of you have hoped for a Hatty Head as a final send off of collecting the star heads well he may be the myth head so lets pray.Oh all mighty BattleBlock Theater god in the sky please let the final head be Hatty Hattington so we could all be at peace,ahmen.

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