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Fat Kid returns to BBT w/ Arena Feature

11 years ago, we released Alien Hominid on PlayStation 2. In honor of this special occasion, we’re bringing back one of the original Alien Hominid characters: Fat Kid! We also celebrate our “final” new Arena Feature in BBT.

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Get PUMPed in BattleBlock Theater

We’re bringing Ms. Pump back into BattleBlock Theater in honor of Extra Life this weekend. It takes a lot of heart to live stream for 24 hours! You can also find a new Arena Feature in BBT this week.

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Peeps haunts the Theater once more

It lurks in the shadows of the Theater hallways… Peeps has been re-released in BattleBlock Theater for another Halloween haunting! Get this prisoner unlocked when you complete the latest Furbottom’s Features!

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