The first of the Final Five: Barbarian

It hath begun. The first of five reveals in BattleBlock Theater for those who have completed the Furbottoms Features. A new cooperative community playlist has just been featured and the reward, for ye kind sirs and ladies, is our favorite brute from Castle Crashers!




FeaturePost_BARBARIANHomeless after one too many bad knights, the Barbarian has learned how to express his need for princesses and castle crashing with less murder and more interpretive dance. But still sometimes murder.


Will he find a home in your household of prisoners? Get the first of the Final Five soon before it’s gone! Learn more about the new Furbottoms Features playlist that you need to defeat in order to get our Barbarian.


19 thoughts on “The first of the Final Five: Barbarian”

  1. The final five… all of us are lacking 6 heads, ok, now 5, but remember the ”25% heads unlockeds” head or ”75% heads unlockeds” head so, the ”100% heads unlockeds” head will be the last, and isn`t in the final 5, because you must have the 100% of the heads to have the ”100% heads unockeds” head…
    Do I explain it correctly?

  2. oh man, I just did some counting. I am missing 10 star heads.
    I know I’m missing behemoth chicken(I couldn’t get it release week πŸ™ )
    Cat Control (missed a week of features)
    Cyber Monday
    and the King (none of my friends play co-op and I didn’t see any announcement for it)
    please keep releasing heads after this guys!

  3. The servers in my country (France) are unavailable, do you know when I could re-try to free barbarian’s head?

  4. You can just do MisterQuentin’s playlist again or trade for the barbarian if the servers are down.

    • I agree. I think these creators need to submit video they can beat their own levels with all gems/yarn under the time constraint. It is impossible as they are just creating frustrating levels.

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