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Server moving party

Well it’s not really a party, but at least we’ll have our forums back online soon! I’m about to make the switch here very soon, so please excuse the technical difficulities you may experience. I’m told it can take as little as 2 hours, and at most 12 hours. Either way when we come back… Read more »

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Back from PAX, Back on the Interweb!

First of all I wanted to apologize for our sites being down for the past few days. Apparently when everyone in the world tries to access our website at the same time, the server starts to freak out. Our hope was to have an increased amount of people visiting our sites (dev blog, forum, etc)… Read more »

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Some Mid June Updates

We’re still blasting away at bug fixes, and the game is looking more and more stable every day!! In the meantime there are some updates to talk about. First up we have our little re design for thebehemoth.com page that you should definitely go check out.   In addition, I’m adding similar changes to our… Read more »

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