Oh, Sweet Mother of Trolls!

You think Hair Trolls are tough? Well, take a look at the Troll Mom! Here’s a video that takes a closer look at what she looks like as Dan Paladin creates some customizable looks that players will be able to use in Pit People.

This maternal beast is practically three times the size of a Pit People human so she takes up 3 Team Slots. This mother of trolls has a range of skills that we’ll be covering in this post:

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Alright, we’ve arrived at PAX. Now what?

We’ve been super busy setting up our mega booth of happiness for all PAX East attendees to marvel and drool over. For those of you who can’t control your drool, please do it in another booth so we don’t have to put up a bunch of “Caution: Floors Slippery When Drooled On” signs all over the place.

While we have been preoccupied with the booth, we did take a boatload of new photos for you and also put together a nifty montage video too. First up, let’s check out the photos:


And now for the montage video:

Do your eyes feel like they were massaged by a jelly donut rainbow just now? Yeah, that’s what we thought. You’re welcome.

We’ll have more updates every day this week, so please stay tuned to the blog. Also, be sure to sign up on the forums to win a free PSN download code of Closure by entering our new PAX caption contest!