Dev Blog


As we continue our development on Castle Crashers, we wanted to try to get more information about the game out to all of our fans/readers. A few months back we started recording all of the work Dan was doing on the game. We just capture the video from his screen and then speed the clip up to about 600%, and it turns out amazing. As a result of the awesomeness (that’s not a word) of the video we went live with our dev blog, hopefully it gives everyone a little bit of an insight on the development process we go through.

That’s pretty much it for now, we’ve updated the page almost every day this week, and we’ll continue to make weekly updates as we get closer to our summer release. Thanks for all the continued support, and if you have any questions, please stop by our forums and say hello.

Update: One of our testers put togther this 3d rendering of one of the knights from Castle Crashers, and recorded the process. You should check it out