Back from PAX, Back on the Interweb!

First of all I wanted to apologize for our sites being down for the past few days. Apparently when everyone in the world tries to access our website at the same time, the server starts to freak out. Our hope was to have an increased amount of people visiting our sites (dev blog, forum, etc) but didn’t expect this many. What’s the official word from our hosting provider you ask? Abuse and overuse!

On to the most important thing, Castle Crashers…..

For those of you who are experiencing online issues, saving issues, etc I want to assure you that we are all very hard at work at getting an update to the game out as fast as we can. I am gathering all of the emails, forum posts, etc, etc for all of the issues that have been reported. As soon as I get them organized I will try to post them on here so everyone can see what we’re going to fix for the update. Again if you have any issues you want to discuss with us please email them to games[at]thebehemoth[dot]com and try to put a relevant subject line on there so I can sort through them easier. My next step is to get our forums back online without getting shut down again in the meantime you can find me on the Xbox forums.

Now we don’t have official numbers from Microsoft yet but according to our friends over at vgchartz, The Behemoth’s anticipated beat ’em up smashes every record with 78,545 units”. Apparently our 3 day sales are one of the highest recorded in Xbox LIVE Arcade history, sweet! Once we get some official numbers we’ll post them heres but as of right now the leaderboards show 170,000 users listed!

Thanks so much everybody for your support and understanding. Without your amazing dedication we wouldn’t even be here, so keep on crashing those castles and we will get everything smoothed out ASAP!

Thanks, we love you all !!!!!!!


53 thoughts on “Back from PAX, Back on the Interweb!”

  1. I thought this was a great game and was having a tremendous amount of fun with it… till it glitched out on me hardcore and I LOST EVERYTHING… I spent A LOT of time getting all of that stuff and now its all gone… I will NEVER get the time I spent on this game back and I have NOTHING to show for it… it was a fun game and its completely ridiculous that a HUGE bug like that got past you guys… thanks for killing my soul guys… much appreciated…

  2. Love the game itโ€™s hand down my favorite XBLA title buy a long shot, and in my opinion itโ€™s the best XBLA title to be released. You guyโ€™s keep out doing yourselves keep up the awesome work.

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