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so many beautiful creations

hello my friends and welcome to the behemoth devblog of wonder.  today i will be sharing some things that i have personally thought were pretty darn cool.  i always like it when people create things with different sorts of mediums so i am going to show you all some recent artwork that we haven’t quite gotten into our… Read more »

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6 hours left!

We just keep staring at the clock waiting for it to reach 12AM. Even though the game won’t be out until 1AM, or 2AM, or some other time. In the past week I’ve heard about 300 different time slots from just about everyone so I don’t even know anymore. As exciting as the launch is… Read more »

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1200 Points, Behemoth Forums, PAX, and TGS

We have a lot of updates to go over on today’s post so I’ll split them up into sections for easy viewing. ———————————————————– Castle Crashers Pricing (from Dan Paladin) Hello everyone on the internet! The price for Castle Crashers will be 1,200 Microsoft points. This month’s only online multiplayer XLA game launches on Wednesday, August… Read more »

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