Hominid unlockable and things

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!  Here you can see the Alien Hominid unlockable character in Castle Crashers, (which automatically unlocks if you own Alien Hominid HD on your 360 when playing Castle Crashers).   I will try to be sure we have gameplay video of him next time.  

update: here’s an article i just read “six reasons you should be VERY excited for Castle Crashers”:  http://blog.explodingwumpus.com/?p=361&preview=true

To the alien’s right is an angry bee which saw his debut at Comic-Con this year at our booth.  He’s so angry.  You know, usually when someone is angry they are really just unhappy with an aspect of their life and the best way to handle them is ask them what is wrong or find a way to make them happy.  Instead of yelling back, you can help someone achieve peace and you will both feel better about everything.  Make a chain reaction TODAY!!  hahaha okay anyway:

There’s an image I made per Emil’s request.  He says that if I make that image, people will want to use it and show it places.  Is he right?  Do you enjoy such an image?  I hope he is right. 

Okay, and lastly, we have a video from Comic-Con I took that shows a little bit of everything at the booth.  You can see the giant 9 foot flags, the people, the game, and the barbarian figurine.

Comic-Con 2008 Booth Walkthrough from The Behemoth on Vimeo.

The game is only 1 month away!!!!  Can you believe it?  It’s finally here!!!  Whew.   We’ll see you guys at PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) on the 29th, just TWO days after the game is launched!  Stop on by and let us know what you think.  We shall try to have exclusive T-shirts at PAX as well as our limited barbarian figurine for sale.



UPDATE: countdown counter deal from IGN’s website:

Castle Crashers at IGN

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  1. well, a post by Dan in the forums makes me think that you cannot turn off gore. I could have misinterpreted, but that’s the message I got.

  2. pedazo de noticiaa!! por fin el juego del año esta aquii!!

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