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Hominid unlockable and things

Hello everyone!!!!!!!!  Here you can see the Alien Hominid unlockable character in Castle Crashers, (which automatically unlocks if you own Alien Hominid HD on your 360 when playing Castle Crashers).   I will try to be sure we have gameplay video of him next time.   update: here’s an article i just read “six reasons you should… Read more »

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Castle Crashers Release Date…..No, seriously.

August 27th, 2008 is our release date. I’m sure you will read it everywhere else before you read it here, but hey that’s just the way these things happen sometimes. We are excited, and relieved to finally be able to say,  Castle Crashers releases on August 27th! As we get closer to the release date,… Read more »

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2007 Recap

Well the year is almost over, and we wanted to take a minute and thank all of our fans for all their support this year. We’ve had a hectic schedule these past 12 months and had a great time going to trade shows and meeting our fans. Here is a very brief recap of events… Read more »

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