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A PAX East retrospective

Greetings Behemoth Community, This is Ian, Behemoth Employee #5712 (really employee #…11? 12?) , and member of Team Boston.  (Team Boston being comprised of 1 part Behemoth, 1 part Newgrounds, 1 part Radio Shack, and 2 parts fruit snacks.)  With PAX East behind us, and our minds and bodies now normalized, we’ve been looking back… Read more »

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PAX East, Day 1

Hello all! Tierney here, you may have seen me in such roles as “The Orange Princess does Comic-Con ’09” …or, well that is about it. I’m here to update you on team Behemoth U.S.A and our travels so far this week. Upon our arrival to this freezing, ice city of brick  and bridges, we quickly… Read more »

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Two Shows, Two Countries, One Behemoth

It’s a nice and sunny day here in San Diego, or at least it seems that way from the inside window of our office. This coming week marks the start of our busiest trade show season to date, not to mention one of the busiest years we’ve ever had with BattleBlock Theater and Castle Crashers… Read more »

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