PAX East, Day 1

Hello all! Tierney here, you may have seen me in such roles as “The Orange Princess does Comic-Con ’09” …or, well that is about it. I’m here to update you on team Behemoth U.S.A and our travels so far this week.

Hatty prepares for departure!
Hatty prepares for departure!

Upon our arrival to this freezing, ice city of brick  and bridges, we quickly learned two things: we’re not  in San Diego anymore (burr) and apparently we missed Dunkin’ Donuts global takeover. Seriously, there are two D.D’s per every Bostonian.

With the other half of our beloved Behemoth team as far away as they could possibly be while on the same  planet,  and our biggest booth to date, we have been busy worker bees. But let me just tell you, it has been so worth it, we hope you can come by and check it out! The chicken is as big and bad as he can be, and we have an awesome timeline that illustrates the evolution of the Behemoth. Custom lighting and pods for all of our knights, shirts and other various delights,  plus 4 consoles to play BattleBlock Theater & Castle Crashers make this the happiest place on earth.  For those of you who can’t join us, scope out the pictures of our awesome new booth digs. After the show starts tomorrow, we’ll add a few more pics so you can see the complete completion & fellow Behemoth fans in action.

Check out the rest of the pictures with the link below (bro):


6 thoughts on “PAX East, Day 1”

  1. Why couldn’t you guys use OpenID or something for posting comments?

    Thanks for the pics! Looks like cool stuff. Do we get more updates on BattleBlock Theater after everyone gets back from traveling?

  2. Hi guys. First time visitor to your site. I’ve payed attention to you guys for a while. Never ended up playing Alien Hominid, but I did buy and play the sh*t out of Castle Crashers. Love your style and fun gameplay.

    Anyways, visited the site since I attended PAX East here in Boston, and loved your booth. Unfortunately I didn’t get to play BattleBlock Theater since your booth was waayyy too popular and people were always playing it when I walked by. But it looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to play it.

    Anyways, keep being absolutely awesome developers! Much love!

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