Storytime with BattleBlock Theater

Greetings!  I bring news of BattleBlock Theater, mysterious and exciting new screenshots of our cinematics, and upcoming Tradeshow information!

In past tradeshows we’ve shown BattleBlock Theater’s Arena modes and Arena modes ONLY,  all while having parts of this really cool Story mode.

We weren’t positive whether Story mode would be ideal at a tradeshow because it isn’t instant battle intensity like Arena mode –  Story mode is much more cooperative and thoughtful.  “Oh, stand over there and do this!” you say to your friend.  “Wait a sec, go this way!” your friend says, and so you try out your theories on navigating the level.   These are the kinds of things that are more tolerated while sitting on the couch than standing in a sea of sweating humans.   Of course,  Story mode still allows you to kick your friend’s butt all over the map in between that precious cooperation.  If you could just stop throwing me into the spikes I’ll let you get us that Gem over there.

Since we’ve found many people to have even more fun working together in BattleBlock Theater it only makes sense to break that out and let you all give it a whirl.

Story mode accommodates the difference between the number of players (1-4 currently).  We will be showing some of the 2 player set.

I am so excited to get this game into your hands.   It looks simple I’m sure, but it is the most complex thing I’ve ever worked on.  The amount of thought we’ve put into it has really paid off.   Please come see our game if you’re around!

Upcoming Tradeshows where you can play things and solve things and enjoy things made of Blocks in a Theater:

PAX East (Boston, MA) March 11-13th

Tokyo Anime Fair (Tokyo, Japan) Business Days- March 24-25th; Public Days March 26-27th

Comic Con International (San Diego, CA) July 21-24th

PAX Prime (Seattle, WA) August 26-28th

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17 thoughts on “Storytime with BattleBlock Theater”

    • good question – i was re-reading that last paragraph and i was hoping it doesn’t sound that way because it is not coming out before PAX East. sorry!

  1. wait…would this be on X-BOX as well as the PS3? i sure hope so, im a HUGGGGEEEEE fan. (and yes, it needed to be that long)

    may the bunny be with you,

    CloneXG !_!

    • i agree, they only have the Xbox symbol on the website for BBT, so, i doubt its gunna be on PS3, witch suckes because these guys are my fav company.

  2. I loved your games ever since my friend brought over alien hominid for the gamecube! It was the best thing ever at the time! I remember how we would look at your website and get so excited over castlecrashers although neither of us had an xbox. Sadly neither of us ever got an xbox they day it was to come out. and what day was this? August 27th MY BIRTHDAY! I will never forget the sorrow of how I lunged to be playing the game while all those people other there were ON MY BIRTHDAY! I was finally going to get an xbox but then at the last second I realized. Ps3 = better deal? I took the ps3 after some persuading of my friends jumping from xbox to ps3. I almost took the xbox simply because of bbt but went with ps3 seeing that it had the free internet and other advantages I liked. One day I do hope this game can come to the ps3. I WOULD ENJOY IT MUCH 😀
    but until then Ill be patient. (if it will never come then crush my dreams now before they climax too high)

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