Crashing Some PSN Castles

With all of the BattleBlock Theater news lately we wanted to be sure to update you on our other title we’re working on, Castle Crashers for the PSN. Development has been going great and our awesome programming team has been quietly and diligently making the game run and look beautiful on the PlayStation 3. Although we haven’t narrowed it down to a specific month yet, we’re still on track for a release this year.

With that said we have a new volleyball minigame that’s headed for the PSN version of Castle. Here’s some of the finer points presented to you in beautiful bullet point technology.

* Play co-op or vs your buddies
* Local or online play
* Play with up to 3 other friends in multiplayer volleyball.
* Add AI teammates or opponents for up to 4 on 4 matches
* Play as any character you have unlocked
* Variable stats based on character
* Use magic attacks to place 8 new magic status effects on the ball
* Cool new serving and spiking moves
* Play 1, 3 or 5 matches against your opponents
* Leaderboards to track the best in the land

We’ll try to get some screenshots going in the next few weeks or so, but it might get pushed back a little as we’re headed to Tokyo and Boston at the end of March. Speaking of which, if you didn’t already know we’ll be attending both the Tokyo Anime Fair and PAX East around the end of March. So if you’re in Tokyo or Boston come on by and say hello to us. It’s the first time we’ve done two shows on the same weekend so we’re very excited about that. Both BattleBlock Theater and Castle Crashers will be in attendance at both shows. New year, new shows, new demos. 2010 is the year of The Behemoth.


15 thoughts on “Crashing Some PSN Castles”

  1. THX finely some information. sound relly great love u guys huggs1 and as i tribute i will realse my cc ripoff game as for today!

  2. Hold on I will continue typing after I have retrieved my socks that just blew off. That is awesome. I would have loved aq straight up port but more content makes it much cooler. By the way what did that last update to Castle Crashers do? I don’t own it because I don’t own an Xbox but I am still interested.

  3. Please say you guys are going to make DLC for castle crashers with this support for the Xbox 360?? Not exclusive to PS3!?! Like so many versions of other games what get hidden Exclusives only on ps3 what was on the xbox 360 in the beginning like star ocean and tales of ventrasa its like saying “fugde u fans”

  4. Clarification on number of players:

    After reading some comments and other websites’ discussion of this announcement, we realized that one of the features was interpreted to mean volleyball would allow 8 human players. Castle Crashers remains a 4 player adventure. Volleyball does allow 2 teams of 4 each but only 4 human players total. AI players can fill out the other 4. Sorry for any confusion!


  5. Please don’t forget about us Xbox users, I still wanna be playing some Castle Crashing-goodness for a long time…and maybe with some new DL Characters, that would be sweet. Ya know who i’d like to play with? The Blacksmith, that would be EPIC

  6. Man i can’t wait till this game comes out on psn i will buy it instantly!! I played it at my friend’s house on his 360 and i fell in love with it i just love the combination of randomness and beat em up!! Do you guys over at Behemoth have your realease date yet or do us people with ps3’s have to wait another month or so?

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