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Head on a Stick

Well, Dan and I were going to go get some exercise, but Kelly let us know that the 300,000th person was about to post to the leaderboards, so we figured it would be better to knock out a quick update instead. The title update is going well- we spent the weekend testing and testing and… Read more »

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6 hours left!

We just keep staring at the clock waiting for it to reach 12AM. Even though the game won’t be out until 1AM, or 2AM, or some other time. In the past week I’ve heard about 300 different time slots from just about everyone so I don’t even know anymore. As exciting as the launch is… Read more »

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Figurines Are Back!

We’ve restocked ALL of our Castle Crashers figurines earlier today, so head on over to the store and pick up your set before they sell out again. We’ve been receiving a lot of emails in regards to our “Buy 3, Get One Free” promotion. I wanted to clarify this for everyone in a little more… Read more »

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