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Inventory update

Well in an unexpected turn of events we’ve completely sold out of our Castle Crashers Figurines. We originally thought they would last at least through the holidays, but we had an amazing amount of sales in the past 2 days, and it completely wiped out our stock. The good news is that we will be… Read more »

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Merchandise is here!

After many long hours, many, many, long hours we’re happy to announce our brand new Behemoth Store We’ve teamed up some great guys over at Merch Lackey, who are located right here in San Diego and we’ve put together some great items for you to check out. Before you can even ask, yes we have… Read more »

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Merchandise Sale!

T-Shirt SALE!!! To celebrate the approach of Comic-Con we have our Men’s Fork T-Shirt on sale for a crazy low price of $5.00 dollars! Head on over to the Alien Hominid store and represent the Fork to everyone in your respective communities.

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