E3 2015 Recap


This year’s E3 in Los Angeles was certainly exciting for many reasons. So many rad developers have projects that are coming to fruition on all platforms and we’re looking forward to seeing them. Our own projects, Castle Crashers Remastered and Game 4, were also included in E3 as part of Microsoft’s briefing on June 15th.


While we didn’t exhibit this year at E3, we did head over to the convention hall to do an interview with the Xbox team to show off Castle Crashers Remastered and our in-development game, code named “Game 4.” Check out our segment of the interview here:

Finally, if you want to see some more behind the scenes shots from our time at Xbox Daily: Live @ E3, you can check out our Flickr Album.

Dan (left) and John (right) getting their faces on for the cameras.
Dan (left) and John (right) getting their faces on for the cameras. More powder = less shine.

Leave us your comments below and let us know how we did on the interview!


Castle Crashers Pricing

Earlier today a story broke about the Japanese Xbox site reporting that Castle Crashers was slated for release at 1800 Microsoft Points. Pricing for this game has not been determined yet. Both The Behemoth and Microsoft are still working together to figure out a reasonable price point. (not 1800 points)

One thing that we would like to point out is that much like a retail store Microsoft is the distributor for all Arcade titles, and therefore sets the final price. The developer can consult on this, but ultimately, pricing is at the discretion of the distributor (Microsoft).



For anyone looking for release date, it is August 27th! (see post below for more info)  

Gametrailers has posted an interview with Tom and I, as well as some gameplay footage, at: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/37755.html