Castle Crashers Pricing

Earlier today a story broke about the Japanese Xbox site reporting that Castle Crashers was slated for release at 1800 Microsoft Points. Pricing for this game has not been determined yet. Both The Behemoth and Microsoft are still working together to figure out a reasonable price point. (not 1800 points)

One thing that we would like to point out is that much like a retail store Microsoft is the distributor for all Arcade titles, and therefore sets the final price. The developer can consult on this, but ultimately, pricing is at the discretion of the distributor (Microsoft).



For anyone looking for release date, it is August 27th! (see post below for more info)  

Gametrailers has posted an interview with Tom and I, as well as some gameplay footage, at: 


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  1. I have a job, so I\’m not going to split hairs over 10 bucks when I\’m easily paying 60 bucks a game every few weeks for titles that offer less multi player and real artistic appeal than the majority. I\’m willing to pay 1600. Most 800 point arcade games barely have an hour and a half of content for single player, let alone multi player. Seriously, I love 1942, but the game is a 40 minute stretch alone or coop. I paid 10 bucks for that. 20 bucks for conceivably many hours of game play alone or coop, with plenty of replay using other characters or multi player modes is not at all out of the question. I\’m willing to pay what it takes to support real developers. This isn\’t some crappy, \"push this out right now\" game coming our way. It was master-crafted in an era where games are tied to movies, or sell dates. The only other pursuer of this quality is Blizzard, and I\’m happy to support developers of this caliber.

  2. i agree with andrew…… i mean this is a huge game, took a huge time, took a huge money, about probally 1000000000000 dollars huge, and we might only be paying 30 at the huge! thats small compared to the huge that they paid! be huge that your in your own huge and not theres

  3. ♥ CC + BEHEMOTH
    ☺ ITS TEH PWNS ☻
    I ♥ WEED
    I R HIGH

  4. Should a Beat Em Up cost 1200 MSPoints?

    Old-school and Arcade-styled games are always cheapter than the games with no replay value (Penny’s Arcade).

    I’d definately pay 1600 MSPoints, but you guys are acting like this is an epic 40 hour adventure with an amazing plot.

    Not saying this to annoy you guys. Totally downloading this at 4:01 AM EST August 27th


    or just satisfy me with CC screens and stuff, just like the good ol’ days

  6. I’m happy with a couple of more weapons, animal orbs, or characters being shown, even just telling us some stats on a weapon we’ve seen already (like a pitchfork) would be nice.

  7. What about making a tutorial of “how to play the game”? I’ve never gotten to play the game since I live in Finland so I know nothing of the controls or how the inventory works etc.

    Please make a story on “how to castle crash!”

  8. 1800 points? this does not upset me to spend 1800 points on this game, so much it looks to destroy everything.

  9. Aleksi FTW and Finland 😛 i live there too, controls would be nice with some tutorial about the inventory etc.

  10. The one who is making the most sense here is definitely plan665, props to him.

    (1) We would love an affordable 10 $ game / But this game is worth more than 10

    (2) I would buy an xbox just for this / But I bough my friend 1400 points instead

    (3) We will all buy it anyways / But we might not be as happy

    (4) Behemoth must choose right price for best result / But it will be below 20$

    (5) Most xbox games cost 50$ / even thought this is a xbla game

    I might of just repeated myself, but whatever. Once again we must endure with unanswered plight for we cannot alter the hands of time.

    Camping the dev blog,

  11. Sorry to say it, but the difference between 800 and 1200 is too much for me. 800 point games cost me £8.50, anything over 1000 and I’m forced to pay £17.00. At that price I’d rather just wait for a retail game, and considering there are literally about eight upcoming games I’m considering in the next few months alone, CC could well be left at the back of the pack.

    I’m aware that the size of the game and the hours of work poured into it could possibly mean that it truly deserves a higher price, but it’ll still be out of my league.

  12. w00t today was the last day of school! oh and clockworkftw he has to wait for his balls to drop…..
    clockworkftw whats gonna be your favorite thing about CC?

  13. How come TheBehem0th wont accept my friend request?
    too bad even if they do decide on a price we wont know it until the 25 like all other arcade games.

  14. Yes, it’s an Xbox Live Arcade game… technically. What do I think when I think of arcade?

    Geometry Wars.
    Bomberman Live.
    Fuggen’ Robotron.

    You know. Games with no plot suited for a half hour of play from time to time, usually rehashes or digitized board/card games.

    Now, Arcade titles have turned out to be retail games in the past. Alien Hominid for one, Soul Calibur for another, Castlevania: SOTN, blah blah blah. I’ve purchased all these games for upwards $50 at one point or another, and they were all worth it at the time being new and exciting games.

    Point being: if Castle Crashers was a $40-$60 disk-based game, would you say no just because it’s originally an arcade title? Is the fact that it’s on Live Arcade the only reason you think anything above 1200 MS points is too high? The Behemoth is worth a few extra dollars if they continue to pump out games with soul.

  15. 1200ms or less will be a perfect price
    im tryin to tell me friends to buy this game …
    i dont wanna play this by myself …

  16. Ok…. The final pricing is in Microsoft’s court. But hey, when has Microsoft ever dicked over their customers by over pricing a product?……… Aw crap.

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