Mothership Transmissions – Alien Hominid Invasion Developer Livestream – August 12th



Greetings, carbon-based lifeforms! On Thursday, July 12th at 2:00 PM PT, join us for a live Alien Hominid Invasion developer update, broadcasted to Twitch, YouTube and select smart refrigerators across your tiny mostly water globe.

We have in our possession some exciting new technologies to share with your underdeveloped observation balls. We’ll be feasting on new agents, delicious weapons, mouthwatering mutations, and some heavenly HUD and hazard elements. In space, we don’t chef’s kiss. We blow up a star and beam it into a blackhole. It’s quite beautiful.

This demonstration of our power will be presented by our 1st favorite human, Dan Paladin. All hail great creator!

And lastly, our 6th favorite human, Patric Catani, will be performing for your listening holes!

So sleep well, check your faxes, or cryo sleep till then! 



Alien Hominid Invasion Developer Notes: Flying Transmissions

It’s time for another Alien Hominid Invasion development update, flying full force straight at you. No mercy. Better dodge quick! 

Anyway… watch on, read on, beam on (up) for all that good stuff. 

We’ve been fixing things up, polishing away, and of course adding in new odds and en..emies that you’ll face on your terrestrial extraterrestrial journey. Check ‘em out:

  • We’ve added in stationary turret hazards, similar to the ones you once knew and hated when fighting the KGB way back in Alien Hominid HD… except this time, they hurl weighted orbs that will stick to your face and lower your jump height. If you want to remove them, you’ll have to dig or roll them off
  • But that’s not all! There are also now airmine hazards, floating, threatening, and ready to knock you around mid-air
  • Loot maximum values on boosts, hats, and guns have been increased to compensate for increased difficulty and more interesting playstyles
  • Music will now stays intense near the end of the level to convey the DANGER
  • Bonus levels have been rebalanced
  • The alien can now look DOWN as well as up to show which way player is “aiming”
  • The HUD now shows if a player is at max hearts
  • HUD has also been reworked to show a prompt when mutations are ready to be used
  • The on-screen compass has been moved more towards the center of the screen so players won’t miss it as often
  • The helicopter that you have to blow up as an objective now bobs and weaves away from the player (and flies in on-screen so that you can actually see what you’re chasing) 
  • Insane mode, Normal mode, and Friendly mode heart maximums have all been changed to reflect a more expected result
  • Hunters have been added to the game — they are ruthless, and can ambush a player at the start of levels
  • Mothership coins can now be spent for temporary or permanent changes to your alien or your run. Each player can only purchase one item every visit so in multiplayer this means more items can be bought each time! Friendship is OP.
  • The Mothership has been rearranged… and will introduce you to a new face

We also have a video recap that has flung itself your way, so if you’re a visual learner, use those glorious eyes right here!

We’re still getting transmissions from the Mothership, which means we’re still working to make our next game the best it can be! Until then, you know the drill — keep your eyes peeled for future updates, as we’re always excited to show off what we have in store.