The “Oohs, Aahs, and WHEEEEEEs” of Alien Hominid Invasion!

Alien Hominid Invasion is a game of many words in very few letters, mostly grunts, shrieks and AAAAAAAHs! One of our favorite parts about creating our games is being allowed to further the world of that game through your ear holes. While audio design is not only incredibly fun for us, the stories and human beings behind these noises are deserving of their own special praise!


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Alien Hominid Invasion and Alien Hominid HD are OUT NOW!

Do you hear it? In the distance…thousands of alien feet, pitter pattering through the streets…why are so many of them wearing flip flops? The echoes! This can only mean one thing…

Aliens are invading! Both Alien Hominid Invasion and Alien Hominid HD are out now for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Steam! Single file line please, and have your Mothership registration ready.

Catch our official launch trailer here:

Today, we launched our fifth title, Alien Hominid Invasion, after preparing Motherships for what felt like years…wait, it actually was years?! Time and relative dimension in space can get blurry.

We’re incredibly grateful for all the aliens who waited patiently to board their Motherships while we were laughing, crying, and laugh-crying our way through development. We couldn’t have done it without all of you.

But today is finally the day! Alien Hominid Invasion is here! What does this mean? This means that you and up to three of your gaming buddies can finally join us in the invasion! Drop down from your Mothership and complete objectives to steal the enemy agents’ intel and straight up ruin their days.

Group up with your friends through online co-op, local/couch co-op, or both! Play solo and hang out with the sewer kids and AI-liens instead. Level up your alien and destroy city block after city block as you carve out your unique path to the enemy HQ! Bring down the boss, receive new Mothership orders, unlock new alien mutations, and fulfill your alien destiny.

Feeling nostalgic? Craving a purist Alien Hominid experience? Why not go back to our crazed, unhinged alien roots that started it all with Alien Hominid HD, also out now! 

Feeling like being all bundled up now that it’s November? GOOD, because there’s a bundle for that! Don’t feel like paying full price? GOOD, because this bundle is DISCOUNTED. Did we tell you that this bundle includes lots of aliens? Check out the bundle on Steam here!

As an extra thank you, we also put our other game babies on sale! Catch Castle Crashers Remastered, BattleBlock Theater, and Pit People on sale during our Bawk Bawk, Forget-Me-Not Sale! Score some sweet deals and introduce your friends to games with strange pooping deer, just do it before the sale ends on November 8th!

Let the Invasion commence!