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so many beautiful creations

hello my friends and welcome to the behemoth devblog of wonder.  today i will be sharing some things that i have personally thought were pretty darn cool.  i always like it when people create things with different sorts of mediums so i am going to show you all some recent artwork that we haven’t quite gotten into our… Read more »

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fan art update!

**whoops!!  comments are now toggled to on** we have taken some of the art related to castle crashers that was sent to us, or found across the internets (the internets is which is a series of tubes and not a dumptruck) and put into our fan art section!  thanks everyone for all your creative energy… Read more »

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Triple Post Wednesday!

So I generally don’t like making multiple posts in one day, but I’ll make an exception for this week as we’ve been pretty light on the updates. In addition to the Chicken Orb, and Thief Sword that we have posted today we just put together an awesome Fan Art section for you over at castlecrashers.com… Read more »

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