Valentine’s Day Contest Winners

Happy Valentine’s Day!
We are so grateful to have so many loving fans who have shown their love through fan art! These past couple weeks, our V-day Fan Art Contest collected over 20 entries of awesome poetry, song and visual eye candy. So sweet.
Contestants were asked to stick with the theme “favorite Behemoth game character they’d want to be stuck on an island with” and fit under the “aww” factor. It was difficult for us to choose a Top 5, but after some discussion here are our TOP FIVE fan art winners in no particular order:


Submitted by -Necromancer-:

Submitted by Leurfe:
Submitted by PrancerPie:
Submitted by FreshMex:
Submitted by chivalrousmonster:


Honorable Mentions:
Best Valentine’s Day Card Pun – Submitted by pickles4nickles:
Best Song – Submitted by Hatty117:



The winners will be given a $20 Gift Card to spend at our Online Store PLUS free shipping for their entire order. We’d also like to give our honorable mentions a $10 Gift Card + free shipping. Congrats to all the winners!
Finally, if you want to take a look at all the super fan art entries, check out the Vday Contest HERE. Have a wonderful weekend! <3


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  1. even if I didn’t win im glad to participate in this little event πŸ˜€ love your art/music guys πŸ™‚

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