back from Japan!

Hi guys! Tokyo Gameshow went well! I’m sure there will be a post about the show later so I’ll get onto posting some of the cool crashers work i’ve found on the internet…because it is all awesome. (most of these i have found by searching for “castle crashers” on in case you are interested in finding some treasures for yourself!)

On with the art show!! Allow me to start with one that I enjoyed that was posted by Porl on Flickr. Porl has painted over some teddy trooper figures, molded them with sculpey clay. Porl then finalized it by with pieces like animal orbs, weapons, and shields. These are really awesome!! Thank you, Porl!

Here is a photo taken by Robert Angelo. A painting of a bear from the bear tribe!!! Excellence!!

Robotbreath has been posting the workings of some mystery project underway. It started with a wire, then clay, and then found its way to 3D models! I wonder what robotbreath has planned? What could it be?

New York Comic-con apparently had 3 anti-heroes running around. Here is a picture that was snagged of them! (These look awesome! Great job, guys!!!!)

And finally, mistersneak received an awesome castle crasher plush dude of wonderment for his BIRTHDAY from his wife!!! Sweet!! Happy birthday!!!!! Is it fireproof?

There are so many more but I can only post so many at once. Hope you guys enjoyed today’s art show!! More to come later.

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  1. I’m never buying any game Behemoth makes again!

    Castle Crashers STILL isn’t fixed! Has to be the biggest bunch of loser developers in the history of video games!

    For those of you not caught up…Behemoth released Castle Crashers over two months ago…with more bugs and glitches of any game in history…and they STILL haven’t fixed it.

    DON’T BUY GAMES FROM BEHEMOTH! They release faulty product and don’t fix them!

  2. @Lyacon

    With the likes of you defending people who can’t write in correct english, it’s easy to understand how unalphabetism is so rampant in this country… : /

  3. I almost forgot…


    I\’m not trying to make fun of anyone, I just love that quote so much. I\’ve been using it at work as well, I just like the sentence and I don\’t know why…

    … XD

  4. i’ve basically lost interest in you guys, because you have been post-lazy, and have not been consoling the people.

  5. @Colino
    If you’re going to try and use a two dollar word, make sure you use it in the correct context and more importantly, spell it right. The correct form of the word you tried to use is analphabetism, not unaplhabetism. Either way, alphabetism deals with the spoken parts of the alphabet whereas analphabetism deals with illiteracy. Don’t come at me with that garbage. All I was saying is that with this being his game and site, he doesn’t need to use proper English. It’s a very open ended and informal site, not the front page of the New York Times website. You have a right to be pissed about the lack of a TU, but about his usage of the English language in a blog? That’s just silly.

  6. @Lycaon (finally spelled your nick right)

    I wasn’t really bragging, just trying to make a semi joke out of it, which turned into a semi-fail.

    I apologize for the inconvenience, and since I’m actually italian, my english is far from perfect. I also can’t believe I misspelled a latin-rooted word like analphabetism (analfabetismo in italian).

    Anyways, I’m waiting for wonder to be achieved… I’d also like to see some blog posts that aren’t about fan art or commercials for other people’s work… What about some talk about DLC? I Can’t believe Behemoth has nothing to blog about, considering how I’ve never seen a sincere apology from them. The only thing they were able to do was to point out how long it took other games to get patched… Games which, I must remind you all, weren’t even close to being as broken as CC currently is. A patch fixes something, a Title Update is an overhaul to fix a large number of problems, just to let you know.

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