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A Penny for Your Thoughts

ok, well, not really a penny because it’d cost more than that to get the penny to you, but just play along and pretend we know what we are doing…we’ve disguised the survey in the old clothes of our weekly poll… Way back in the ancient, formative years of the Behemoth before Alien Hominid was… Read more »

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my hero is dan

i am a hero!!!!Β  πŸ˜€ fanart by hailey also,Β  the game is coming together awesome. Β -dan

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Week 14 Winners

I’m not late this week with posting the leaderboard results, YA! So here we go: RYW209 takes the top spot for Alien Hominid for the second straight week, and in the All You Can Eat category, XShagrath grabs the win, and more importantly has secured his third all-time win and has been placed in our… Read more »

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