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BattleBlock Theater – Theater Design

As we continue our development for BattleBlock Theater, we are reminded that it is the little details that end up having the most impact. Back in the early stages of development for BattleBlock Theater (circa 1870) we had a very different visual approach to how the exterior of our theater would look. The video below… Read more »

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Tour of new San Diego Office

HEY everyone, Janet Jackson here!* I’ve got a great video to show you!! In this video Dan gives an in-depth tour of the new Behemoth office – allowing you to meet several personalities of some of the hard workers! The Behemoth Office Tour from The Behemoth on Vimeo. Here is a picture from a secret… Read more »

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Necromancer Development

Moving down the line of bosses from Castle Crashers we have the Necromancer. His primary attacks consist of resurrecting the dead bodies from characters throughout the game. Fortunately for him they are laying around in his dungeon in piles. This video will cover Dan going over the initial level design as well as the Necromancer’s… Read more »

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