Day 1, 2 & 3 of PAX!


So we had our first day of PAX Prime yesterday and it was crazy busy. We would have posted more throughout the day but it was super packed at the booth at all times–and also the internet kept cutting out because of so many people using it at the con.

We started off with a 10 Year Anniversary celebration at PAX (there was cake and it was not a lie!) and it was also our press appreciation  breakfast hoedown!


Then the doors opened up to the public at 10AM and the long lines of people started forming at the gift shop. Our Castle Crashers and BattleBlock Theater pins are going extremely fast! Make sure you get some before they run out this weekend!

From 2-4PM on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, we will be doing our autograph signings at our Booth (3003). Our first one was yesterday as you’ll see below.

Then from 7:30-8:30, we joined the Omegathon – Round 2, which featured BattleBlock Theater. Our special surprise was that our narrator for BattleBlock Theater LIVE NARRATED the event! He heckled players as those Omeganauts fought for their lives in King of the Hill.

Click this photo to see more pictures from DAY 1 PAX PRIME 2013


Today, we started off the day with our BattleBlock Theater Ball Game Tournament! From 11AM-1PM we had teams of two hit the highest score and best out of 3 advanced to the next stage. In the end, we had winning pairs for 1st place, 2nd place and 3rd place.

We had another autograph signing today with Dan Paladin, Tom Fulp and Will Stamper. Saturday’s pictures to come!


Don’t miss out on our events tomorrow at Booth 3003!

Immortal HD (Left), UberHaxorNova (Right)

From 11AM to 11:30AM we are doing a REMATCH against UberHaxorNova and Immortal HD. We had our lead level designer and QA tester go up against these guys in Texas at RTX and we were shamefully defeated… Time to redeem ourselves! The members of our team will be announced tomorrow at the start.

And of course, tomorrow is the last day for the autograph signings with Dan, Tom and Will. You know you want their beautiful signatures and sketches on your Behemoth goodies! Come say herro!

The Behemoth at Comic Con 2013

It’s that time of year again! We’ve packed up all of our things and moved them a few blocks away to the San Diego Convention Center. This is our 10th year as a video game company and our 9th year at SDCC!


Ten years calls for big celebrations at our home base. Not only are we bringing back the custom built arcade cabinets with free-to-play BattleBlock Theater and Castle Crashers, we’re bringing new The Behemoth merchandise to the gift shop. And the awesomeness doesn’t stop there.

New Events Happening at
The Behemoth Booth #229:


Take your photo with Hatty Hattington from BattleBlock Theater! He’ll be walking around our booth from Wednesday to Saturday.

Meet The Behemoth co-founders, Dan Paladin and Tom Fulp! And introducing our newest artist, Eric Haddad! They’ll sign your stuff and if you’re really nice they’ll take a picture with you.


On saturday, you and your friends will be able to perform in front of a camera and take home a flip book of your performance! Free with a purchase of $10 or more at our gift shop. First come first serve!



WED, JULY 17 (Preview night)
Gift shop & arcade Hours 6pm – 9pm
Hatty Hattington Hours 6pm – 8pm

Gift shop & arcade Hours 9:30am – 7pm
Hatty Hattington Hours 5pm – 7pm

Gift shop & arcade Hours 9:30am – 7pm
Autograph signing Hours 2pm – 4pm
Hatty Hattington Hours 5pm – 7pm

Gift shop & arcade Hours 9:30am – 7pm
Flip Book station Hours 10am – 2pm
Autograph signing Hours 2pm – 4pm
Hatty Hattington Hours 5pm – 7pm

Gift shop & arcade Hours 9:30am – 5pm
Autograph signing Hours 2pm – 4pm