Comic Con 2013 – Day 4

Here’s the epic conclusion to another wonderful year at Comic Con! We made it!

Click photo for more pics from Day 4 of SDCC 2013

There’s this lingering withdrawal that happens right after you have time to decompress after a long event like Comic Con and that’s hitting us now. Luckily, we have plenty of photos to look through and even a rad finale video put together by Derek. Til next year, fellow Comic Con goers!

Comic Con 2013 – Day 3

On Saturday we had a fun flip book station at our booth so that fans could take home a special flip book in celebration of our 10th year as The Behemoth. Anyone who purchased $10 or more had the chance to perform for seven seconds in front of the camera and then take home a flip book of their performance!

A Little Scene flip books ran the flip book station

We’ll have an actual montage video of all the performances up soon, but until then check out the photos we took from Day 3 of Comic Con 2013!

Click this photo to see more pics from Day 3