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Good news for Pit People Steam Beta Testers!

You’ve got a 99.99% chance of bringing your Steam save data over from the closed beta to the Early Access version of Pit People! As long as the save data is still in the Steam Cloud, then it should transfer over if you buy it on Early Access!

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Pit People Xbox One Closed Beta Encore!

As announced on our stream earlier today, we’re extending the Pit People Xbox One closed beta testing period to September 19th! Beta testers will get a few extra days to complete more quests and take on more people in the Pit.

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Wraith debuffs & some press stuffs

Little known fact, but the life essence of other beings tastes like strawberry jam to a Wraith. Learn more about the pros & cons of having Wraiths on your team in Pit People! Also, read up on recent coverage of our game!

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