Pit People Xbox One Closed Beta Encore!


As announced on our stream earlier today, we’re extending the Pit People Xbox One closed beta testing period to September 18th! Beta testers will get a few extra days to roam around the world, complete more quests, and take on more people in the Pit. The Xbox One closed beta will end on 5:00PM PST, September 18th / 12:00AM UTC, September 19th.


If you haven’t already registered, you can still register for the Xbox One Closed Beta until September 15, 2016 before 5:00PM PST.

However, if you’re unable to participate this week then we’ll also be holding a closed beta on Steam from September 28th – October 5th. Registrations for Steam are currently on-going at Pitpeople.com/beta.

For those who don’t mind seeing spoilers, we’ve got the archive of the stream from today. Dan played some PvP with other Beta Testers and I looked through the chat to help answer all the burning questions. Here’s the link

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by! Hearts for all of you!

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  1. As a suggestion when I was playing this I suggest making the unicorn/rainbow horse have a customizable Horn/Mane or maybe even some sort of horse armour? Also what I have played of the game is great!!! THANKS!!!

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