PAX West 2019 Recap

When PAX rolls around, we hit BIG. This year was no different, especially considering we kicked off the weekend with the Castle Crashers Remastered Nintendo Switch release date (which is September 17th, by the way)! That energy carried us through the show to a wacky, wild, and fun-filled weekend.

Revisit the arcade-y excitement, heated competitions, and space bear shenanigans that happened at PAX West 2019 with our recap video!

Even though we’re pretty sure that video was everything you ever could have dreamed of (and more), you can check out the full photo album that we spent ages virtually scrapbooking right here. Bonus points for anyone who wants to try to play “Where’s Waldo?” and search for themselves in our photos.

Dream work makes the team work, or something like that.

Anyway, we’ll be doing this all again on the opposite coast next year at PAX East, which… will be much, much colder than this was. But just like you did at PAX West, you will warm our hearts and keep us going through sun, rain, sleet, or snow.

Just don’t bring the PAX pox with you next time, please.

The Chicken Coop Steam Sale!

Is it “coop” or is it “co-op”? Those are basically our two favorite things here at The Behemoth, so how does a little bit of both sound?

In celebration of PAX West, we’re having a behemoth Steam sale. Does that mean we’re The Behemoth, or that the sale is a behemoth? Both! Seeing a trend here?

Anyway, from August 29th through September 5th, we’re hosting the first-ever Chicken Coop Steam Sale, which means that ALL Behemoth games available on Steam will be on sale! Mind if we provide a sampling?

You can’t beat the coop co-op classics: get yourself or a friend a copy of Castle Crashers or BattleBlock Theater (or both) for 60% off! Work together, or sabotage each other; we won’t tell you how to treat your friends.

Or, set off on The Behemoth’s most recent adventure with Pit People, which will be on sale for 40% off! We promise there will be space bears, blueberries, and tiny iced creams.

If you’re missing a game in your Behemoth collection, be sure to head over to Steam to grab a copy before the sale comes to an end on September 5th. Enjoy!