Fall prices are falling down!

We’ve had a great final few months of our year and as it comes to a close, wanted to bawk some words into the void for you all. We’re always thankful to you for playing our games and spreading the word of The Big Chicken. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do what we love most: make games! Speaking of games, we’ve made a few in the past, and we’re keeping in the giving spirit by offering discounts on them!

Currently, we have a few sales running currently in an attempt to get you the some deals this holiday season:

The Steam Autumn Sale
November 21st through November 28th
70% off Castle Crashers Remastered and BattleBlock Theater
60% off Pit People

Nintendo’s Black Friday Sale – European Regions Only
November 16th through December 3rd
50% off Castle Crashers Remastered

Nintendo’s Cyber Deals Sale – North American Regions Only
November 20th through December 3rd
50% off Castle Crashers Remastered

Last but not least, our Big Chicken has donned a turkey gobble and decreed that our merch shall ALSO BE DISCOUNTED. Catch some sweet deals on all things Behemoth, from YouTooz to socks to shirts to Hatty Hattington Tissue Box Covers to soak up all your tears! Enjoy a 25% storewide discount over at our merch store from November 23rd until November 28th!

In Case You Missed It
We added a sweet, sweet balancing hotfix to Alien Hominid Invasion recently and have an even bigger update coming soon, with part 1 landing in December! Check out the details here!

Bawk bawk to you and your family this holiday season.

The Alien [Merch] Invasion Is HERE!

If you were feeling a little too humanoid, a little too intergalactically underdressed for the Invasion, we’re here to give you some hominid hope! With the launch of Alien Hominid Invasion and Alien Hominid HD on November 1st, we added some new items to our merch hideout for you!

Previously only spotted at PAX West 2023, there were rumors it would soon Invade the rest of the world…introducing the ALIEN HORDE BUTTON UP! Never go anywhere alone again! Hundreds of aliens will always be with you.  Look, there are literally dozens of them!

*Not made from real aliens
**Combos beautifully with our Alien Horde Bucket Hat!

If a bucket hat isn’t for you (perhaps you are more of pail hat alien) there is no need for panic. There may be a need for an EMBROIDERED ALIEN HOMINID FLAT BILL CAP though! 

You may have noticed that hominid’s eyes aren’t actually eyes at all…if you enhance you will see that those eyes are actually ALIEN HOMINID PATCHES. You, too, could have aliens for eyes. Or you could use them as actual patches, ya know.

For those who want to rep The Big Chicken, we’ve restocked our beautimous Behemoth Crewnecks and our Chicken Pocket Tees! Maximum tee shirt pocket capacity: 21 mini aliens.

And now for a SPECIAL FEATURE! Here at The Behemoth, we like to give away FREE STUFF to you as much as we can. To continue the celebration of launching both Alien Hominid Invasion and Alien Hominid HD on November 1st, we’re hosting ANOTHER giveaway on Twitter! Every Monday from November 6th until November 27th, we’ll be picking one winner of a limited Alien Hominid x Youtooz figurine!

To enter, simply follow The Behemoth on Twitter (X?), like, and retweet our giveaway post!